Eurasian Project

Among political elite there are two clear orientatoins in Ukraine today - Western (Atlantic) and Eastern (Moscow-Asian). We propose a new vector - eurasian.

The crash of communism, the dissolution of the Soviet Empire, the unification of Germany6 neo-glofalist policy of the USA, EEC, Japan, "the belt of instability" from the Pacific Ouan to the atlantic make us to revise Eurasian importance and role in a new world order organisation in the 21st century. Eurasia historically and geographically includes: the Balkans, Middle-East, Ukraine, Belarus, Asia Minor, the Don, the North Caucasus and Iran. Eurasian Community is the unique formation, the first attempi to organice different forms of national sovereignty and consolidation of cultural traditions. The Eurasian military-political and economic alliance within the Federative Republic of Jugoslevia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, the Chechen Repulic of Ichkeria is already being a reality now. In the piture - Rumania6 Turkey, Greece, Albania, Belarus, Armenia, Thus, in the 21st century there could appear a new community on the political world policy.

Today, the political and scientific elite of Russia takes desperate steps to elaberate a political, economic and political claims in new enviroment. Their attempt to represent Moscow-Asian Power as eurasian one, dies not bear any criticism.

Even some lesders of the Turkic Lanquages organisations heirs of the Turki Cahanate which celebrates 1500 jears of its formation this year.

We procud from the unity of Eurasian peoples wnich are able to coexist and understand each other. The geopolitical component of the idea is based on a world polycentrism and integrity of Eurasia. The Eurasian idea is considered to be perspective and able to unite Eurasian peoles in a single whole National traditions, inner wealth and using of the world economic experience make up the foundation of the Eurasian economy. The base of the national conscieusness are the orthodoxy and islam wnich have kept their originality and spiritual traditions in the region. The Eurasian Community cannot exist as a saerce of raw materials and a market of law-quality goods for a long time. The Eurasian countries should change their economic strueture for the benefit of modern seience-intensive industries, social sphere, competitive environmeent in economy; create a modern model of personal and social consumption. In the 21st century, the policy comerning technical progress and technologies must be oriented to the man`s needs.

The Eurasian Community should carry out a new approach as for technology deveelopment. Besidees it, the question is about takes en ecology field. It`s neussary to put in raw material takes, imluding energy supply sources taxees, in order to inerease them that will result in saving natural resourees.

We propose:

1. The goverments of Eurasian countries to enter into the economic, political, military alliance.

2. The goverments of Eurasian countries, political organisations, including informal, commercial, financiul structures, scientists to think of the peture of Eurasian Project.

3. To establish new forms of administration, to open in Kyiv, Ankara, Teheeran Eurasian political universities for training political elites.

4. To hold regular meetings of the Heads of the States, the Governments, political leaders, scienticts of Eurasia on problem solving.

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