Revolution from Couture


We thought that it was revolution, therefore we became the revolutionaries. Bat they only played 7-40. There were drunken brawl instead of revolution, pigsty instead of fortress.

Gang of revolutionaries sits in a cellar and takes offence. At whom? At revolution?

You made sacrifices to capture Bastille? It has been destroyed two hundred years ago.

You whistled and they didnt dance. You sang sad songs and they didnt cry. As the generals prepare for the pas wars, so the revolutionaries get themselves ready for the past revolutions. What did you wait for? Revolt of the masses? Offensive of the Russians?

But the sense of the past is that there will be no past. Because the situation has ceased to keep within your notions, including your boring notions about revolution and because you have stopped having presentiment testifies not of termination of revolution, but, at last, of its possibility for you. It begins only right now.

The revolution as an overthrow is only in case of the overthrow of all notions about revolution, existing till this time.

There will be no past! - it says. Here its horror! All warm and convenient nestles in the past and the future looks with cold eyes, draught and cold. Revolutionary is the first, who is given a slap in the face from it. Its not always such, which was dreamed during seances of juvenile masturbation.

The Christianity won not over the Satan and built not the Heaven. The victory of proletarian revolution not necessarily meant victory of the working class. The French revolutionaries wanted to put on togas, but the French revolution didnt manage to be covered with toga.

We struggled so much, - is heard from a cellar, - the revolution was completed, but we have no money, flats, cars...

Its impossible to profit from revolution, because it was wasteful. It doesnt feed its adherents. It doesnt feed the masses. Posing a question about benefits of revolution for people is senseless. The revolution is boon itself, its senseless to expect the weal after it.

- But there is no revolutionary situation!

- It is in our hearts.

- But the Russian dont assault upon us!

- Then we will assault upon the Russians.

- But the people do not want freedom!

- Well, then we shall not free them.

We are weak in that measure/ in which we adhere our old notions and notions about us. We lose whether we are left-wing or right-wing, conservatives or radicals, eventually even if we are revolutionaries. We are weak, if we like their restaurants, their thing, there schemes, and especially, if we are liked by them.


There are two spheres influencing on vital stream but looming above it - scientific and technical progress and global financial regularities, as grand natural cataclysms, that occur, but remain always outside of the consciousness during its contemplations concerning of the own destiny.

Scientific and technical progress each time carries out setting of new data regarding next played historical situation. And if we consider sense of all this deformity just in aesthetic achievement of collisions, if in scenical we search for maximum, then we will agree, that the paces of scientific and technical development irritate a little. Its bearable, when rules of the game change for each new set, but when they change in a course of the set, culmination becomes impossible.

Someone makes the history, someone makes the science and they hamper each other.

The revolution has two ways: either society, which orientates itself towards producing of achievements instead of goods, will be created, or we will organize riot, which makes impossible concentration of efforts and resources on the science and technology.

Its unclear, what way is more bloody, though main scientific schools of the world are based on so small number of people, that elimination (or voluntary refusal) of the several thousands would delay scientific progress immediately and, probably, would result in vivifying degradation. In connection with virtual disposition of research centers, the struggle against imperialism simultaneously is the struggle against paces of scientific and technical progress.

Advanced countries try to realize the first way, but the full transition to it, even in America and Japan, will require revolutionary changes and will result in great upheavals.

The second way exites soul of the existant. Would horses really gallop over the steppe?

According to whole complex of signs the end of the nineteenth century differs from its beginning more, than end from beginning of the twentieth. It specifies deceleration of paces of the scientific and technical progress.


Economics is, when someone went to Turkey, bought, brought, sold and profited. But if it is emission of shares and stocks of European bank, then its mysticism, instead of economics. The game at small nuances of thousands of rules, on relations and authorizations probably concerns production, but, in general, is self-sufficient. The profit is gotten from air.

The legal consequences of the primary arrangements and compromises, due to which the society is kept, are too ramified and numerous, they lead too far, that in a whole enable us to speak about estrangement of fruits from trees. The exploitation exist as the independent subject and dim faces of exploiters are present as something casual in its background.

Twenty dollars hidden in a box are real value. All mass of dollars in the world is conditionality, concerning which is impossible to fancy, that it will be used as purchasing means. The money functions as something except money.

The Roman world was based upon legions, this world is based upon shares and stocks, which, with development of computer technology, lose even the physical essence of a paper. The ideal essence they have lost even earlier. They meant physical capital so long before, that it already has become a lie. The banks hide and turn over emptiness. The production of emptiness is as necessary for the world economics, as production of energy.

Domination of the alienated determines nowadays.

Forms, which not necessarily need under standing, and alone thing, you have to know, is orientation yourself by them. Lawyer - miserable creature, priest of the emptiness, person, who is oriented, is superior to princes and leaders and judges overflow of the life. Therefore only among completed criminals we look for the future, in their odd tattoos-revelations and treacherous eyes we seek for truth of the next day.

If you are said: This is a philosopher, ask, in what jail he was imprisoned? If you are said: This is a poet, ask, where he was at war?

It doesnt mean, that only the prison wisdom and poetics of war are meaningful. But WHAT can human being know about substance, if he never violated the penal code? HOW to feel depth of love, not hiding from mine-thrower firing?

Reflections of the predecessors are alienated. It is possible to grasp them only in one place - at a frontier.

The lawyer and operator of computer - who was nothing, that has come everywhere. Spengler has died, not having played with computer - what symbol wasnt used with effect!

No matter, what is talked about thermonuclear synthesis. Only three things are the symbol of epoch - computer, credit card and penal code. With them forms of alienation alienate the person. The human being is presented in the system as the quantitative factor. Community is needless. The presence of the outstanding features is dangerous.

The future revolution will be revolution of communities. It will face two ways:

- destruction of the social machinery and its attributes;

- destruction of the social machinery and creation of community of revelation, which will be able to digest technical means of alienation into means of integration.

The nation is born through accurate shot. It is senseless to look for reasons of the American prosperity in its tax legislation. One should search for them in secret sources of the life, in brief, nobody knows, where to seek for them. The archetype of culture cannot be expressed discursively. It is leap, jumping over the conglomeration of alienated forms and social machinery.

The social machinery was invented far before the first machines. It works precisely in the same way. Also it is necessary and it irritates too.

The alienated forms, the administrative and financial mechanisms are self-sufficient and gravitate. In the revolution they are resisted by desire to take part in history and this is an aesthetic desire. Desire to head history. Desire to leap. Existant is born from time to time, who poses the question, why not me but these obese guys wearing jackets and any mechanisms solve everything here?

Certainly, the archetype is negation. Technological progress isnt revolution any longer, its inertia. The suppression of technological counter-revolution can be carried out as antitechnological revolution, or as revolution of communities. The society must be undermined by communities.

Community isnt the form of organization, it is existence, intense being. In some measure community always is integrated person. The revolution must consist in that community should become integrated person FIRST OF ALL.

The integrated person can overcome the technological progress as alienated form, and, at last, engulf it.

So, the separate person can surmount alienation either through destruction, or through revelation.

We talk about actualization of the communal and birth of the community with a higher level of integration. It will result in the destruction of many alienated forms, destruction of the estrangement of some forms, entire demolition of the social machinery, because social machinery crashes communities.

Body is formed by the function, community is formed by the revolutionary struggle.

Communities preceded the society. After society had occurred, they were in complex terms of mutual destruction and conception with it. The nations, that have appeared in the European revolutions, were communities of the new quality but also were resisted by the new degree of alienation of the public forms. The new quality implies that the nations represented universal communities.

Existant is opposed to the public machinery. What community will break the forms of alienation?


At schools and universities we were stuffed by force with the refined theory of revolution having being written by outstanding revolutionary practicians. Nobody has learned nothing. The knowledge should be secret just to take possession of the masses.

One of the central issues was concept about revolutionary situation. It was meant that the revolution occurred as an answer.

Our revolution will come true in conditions of the counter-revolutionary situation. Future revolution will be challenge, not reply. This revolution will be called purely by ideal reasons, abstractions and nostalgia, there will be no causes except mentioned above. It will be from couture just in sense of the own impracticality.

Bookshelves are filled with our weapons. Books are mines that will blast next generations. When somebody speaks about spirituality, they think he implies cornflowers, but in fact it is fire. The priority of spiritual is disorder and lawlessness. Only God knows, where idealist will be led by his abstraction, but usually it leads to the radical negation and refusal. The abstraction is aggressive.

They pray and respect the Christianity but even priest will not endure a long conversation with true Christian (Voltaire used it).

European intellectuals of the first half of XX century, who were interested in Nitzsche, howled as pigs, when iron columns of his adherents entered their flaming cities. And what did Zarathustra tell them?

People kill and for home reasons, but the wars are waged for the sake of abstraction.

When you speak about spirituality, draw a head in shoulders. Any philosophy usually ends with Chemistry.

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