Our place in the crusade of Europe

What is symbol of Europe - warrior in church, monk on horseback?
European state is love to way and iron, aversion to soft and pink.

Harmony is aim of the East. Sense of Europe is spiritual breakthrough. Its method is demolition of the order of things, disturbance of existing harmony, permanent revolution. Its state is war. Being European means being in state of sacred war.

Crusade for cross or cross for crusade? If you choose, than you arent European.

Interaction of cultures is conducted through war of worlds. Values of hostile worlds should be taken as spoils. Well paint icons ourselves.

Culturological event gets true, when it becomes tradition and method, when it gets defeated or reconquered.

Christianity won over antiquity and antiquity will stay for us truth in tradition forever. Nitzsche won over Christianity, but thousandth generation after us will visit church every Sunday. Enemies scalps are the best treasures of the winners. There is no The Antichrist without Bible. The Scriptures are true in the European tradition. Spiritual breakthrough is essence of Europe. It can be conducted either through struggle with affirmed order of things or through struggle with order, covetous to be affirmed, thats either through being of spirit in state of war or through war in general.

So, final of current war is reason and premise for the next one.

Ongoing war between spirit and belly concerns all facets of existence, is total and never ends. As in the life of nations, as in the life of person.

Poverty and fear disturb masses, poverty and fear subdue them to leadership.

Prosperity and security spoil lofty ideas, prosperity and security enable to get beyond the struggle with poverty and fear.

We have too much soft and pink now. Experience of Europe proves, that nevertheless too good is a little bit worse, than too bad. True happiness is always hard and cold and resembles sword.

Its double-sharpened and is breakthrough like slash of whip and being in it is also short and harsh.

Wars for faith now are supposed to be barbarism, not feat. Europe already doesnt understand hatred and love, as intensive as hatred. Europe stops sensing contradictions. Europe adjusts non-defeated worlds.

The point isnt in genesis of particular idea. The point lies in manner of being. Associative world and associative range, created and won by Europe during its three thousand years is under the threat. Its replaced now by something very short and very one-dimensional. If the East won culturologically, if the World went through associative well of the East, we would be pushed back to situation having existed millennia ago. Because this movement and progress will be authentic in the Eastern tradition. The East can achieve subtlety and top in this progress, but we will be culturological province.

There are hostile worlds, anyway. The Earth is too small in order not to be disturbed by collisions between them. Those not wishing to charge will wear yoke. And its true - only those, ready to risk, to make hyper-efforts and sacrifice, are able to rule. Islamic East is ready for it, Far East likes it, Moscow East is able to it.

Three Easts in front of us and meanness in rear.

Soon threat will arise from Latin America and Africa. They were westernized so intensively.

Europe is getting into the severest sin - second-rateness. It was caused by decline of the old European elite, substitute of which - new national elites - were born in the World War I and perished in the World War II.

Are the rest of nations ready to new crusade in order to reconquer world leadership for Europe? Vanguard nation should be found. There is country on the border of the Continent, that doesnt possess developed culture or economics, doesnt have statehood and only is shaping as nation. It has only millennial tradition of opposition against the East, tradition of war against internal and external world in conditions of hopelessness, tradition of breakthrough and intensive nostalgia.

This is Ukraine - nation of great possibilities, none of which were realized. Nation of precursors. We had so many of them that its quite possible to wait for the Savior soon.

Christianity must deny leanness and boredom, accepted for the last two centuries. We need struggling church. We need Rome able to bless gonfalons for crusade.

There is church in Europe, which right now left catacombs, thats according to logic of development reachs the state, when its necessary to go to crusade. This is Ukrainian church.

Ukrainian nationalism should realize own mission. Ukraine must fulfill it.

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