The past is that that was. The present is that unpleasant state, not having that, that was in the past.
1) The epoch of an opposition of political blocks was completed. The subjects of the new opposition arent determined yet. Over the half of the World the fundamental uncertainly dominates. Who can imagine, what will happen in one year, for example, with Kazakhstan? What will be with Kazakhstan in result? The most improbable combinations are possible.

Nobody carries out whole and strong policy regarding half of the World. The acuteness of political response of the United States is far from that, which took place 20 years ago. Any of the third-rate, even oppositional or financial forces in one of countries of the West or the East may substantially influence on state of matters in regions of uncertainly, including post-Soviet area, all Africa, India, Korea, China, etc. There is impression, that the area of uncertainly tends to growth at the expense of increase of number of participants in conflicts, rise of immigration and actualization of racial problems.

2) In common opinion, the world is on threshold of the next technological revolution, and also faces necessity of broad modernization of main sorts of weapons. For us technological revolution is interesting in sense that it levels a difference of development, that everybody is equal before it. So, before approach of cybernetics as high-technological USA as backward in that time Japan appeared in equal condition, that gave Japan possibility of leap.

3) Exhaustion of the strong ideologies, decay of the totalitarian states, ecumenicity. Victory of modernism in the Catholicism. Religions coexist in one territory, what testifies they arent actual. Right-wing and left-wing both are interesting for us. In heart of a young man of Between-Time the names of Mao and Mussolini cause equally warm feelings. Even the Islam leaves a place for too many things in souls of true-believers.

4) Sensation of historical completeness. The popularity of Fukujamas book witnesses about this. Similar sensation was prevalent in the mind of European intellectuals at the end of XVIII century, before Great French Revolution, at the beginning of XX century, before World War I.

5) Exhausting of art.

6) Impossibility of the analysis. It has become impossible to determine potentials of many countries. For example, how to calculate the war potential of Ukraine? By taking percent of its inheritance of the USSR? But even Ministry of Defense cannot say, how many planes will take off in the air after battle alarm and only colonel of the regiment knows, that none will raise up.

Nostalgia for historical materialism prompts us, that global situation is determined by state of matters in public production and around it. Commodity production, manufacture, accumulation of the capital and other tasks always were faced by mankind, but they werent actualized up to totality.

Interests of production and accumulation of the capital have assumed character of categorical imperative since termination of the Middle Ages, when they have become the final objective and main prompting.

They became far not sole sense of life, but actually there are important not realities, but tendencies.

And we have already passed the maximal of this tendency. The socialism foretold the future in sense that the most urgent now was production not of goods, but achievements. As though somebody trumpets all time and smell of horse sweat is sensed in air: the period of accumulation of the capital comes to end, the time of accumulation of feats comes back.

In entirety of the own ugliness the idea of industrial self-development was embodied in the West after World War II. But RAF and Red Brigades through their happenings prophesied to western Philistine truth of the new day. Only it is interesting in them to us. Interesting, that those, who oriented themselves on Marxism, which stresses problems of public production, felt taste to feats, to deeds just in sense of spiritual breakthrough. There was one prevailing psychological type. There will be other now.

The idea of self-development of production has exhausted itself. An agriculture of advanced countries was the omen of it. The development of production depends on the process of development of pure science. Depended always, but now scientific thought is greater productive force than working hands.

At the defined step of well-being only needless is really necessary, and the sphere of superfluous is a delicate sphere with own laws or, rather, with own lawlessness.

The regulating function of the state is increasing more and more, and it is objection of self-development. Not the goods, but achievements. The production of films is in less measure producing of production, and in greater - achievement of national spirit (or its decline). Not production of the goods, but production of life, not accumulation of the capital, but accumulation of deeds. Not the financier, but hero becomes the first figure again. Nationalism also produces intellect, and capital is stored not with financial operations, but with solidarity and insolence.

The PHENOMENON OF BETWEEN-TIME consists in contradiction between change of the fundamental tendencies and backwardness of history-forming regions, which essentially depend on yesterdays values of commodity production now.

The main categories of comprehension of the present are those: BETWEEN-TIME, TERRITORIES OF UNCERTAINTY, GENERALITY OF EXHAUSTION, DISACTUALIZATION OF COMMODITY PRODUCTION, essential change of the military strategy and policy - WAR IN CROWD.

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