Doctrine of destabilization

Cause of nonviability of everything, that has appeared on ruins of the USSR, consists in lack of vitality of everything, that has appeared. Cause of failure of the state-building in the CIS is incomprehension the fact, that desirable free market already doesnt functions as the universal intermediary. Necessity of the non-economic regulation of economics entailed renewal of absoluteness of conflict and violence. Actually, this world knows only illusive pacifist utopias, which have to conceal reality of war. Each peace-loving demarche is as pathetic, as hypocritical. The Concept of war is central and has as negative, as positive sense. Logic of war directs subversive mind. Only very naive people could perceive the next armistice in the world for state of peace. Surmounting of stalemate opposition of the NATO and Warsaw Pact opens the epoch of destabilization. Through insurrection to military victory!

Development of productive forces in the modern society (including post-Soviet) has reached the level, on which problem of production (overproduction) gives in to the new law - law of non-work. Refusal from compulsion to work (from economic, too) becomes total. This society isnt able to offer other essence of life, besides access to consumption; access, that is closed for millions. Property is theft, constitution is lie. The left-wing unite with the right-wing against people. Dictatorship of parties is the worst among dictatorships. This generation was raised in Buchenwald, it is senseless to argue with them. This system has no more vindication for own existence. Therefore we see schizophrenic convulsions of different parties, bodies of authority and justice etc. Corruption is alone cementing element, that allows this order to exist.

Over-saturation of contemporary society with essences makes impossible definition of the truth. Politics takes place not on chessboard, but in head of chess knight. It is strange desire to be a queen in a game of chess, when one should be a player. Borders of the political reality and imaginary world erode more and more. Finally, psychic reality fully ousts actual one. Our information about enemy is so small and our forces are so scanty, that we can afford to move in any direction we will choose.

Politics is crusade for idea. We are carriers of revolutionary consciousness. Everything, that is really radical, will be good for us (being radical means essential understanding of things). We bury corpses of old ideologies. Valuables of hostile worlds for us are interesting only in role of trophies. We will paint icons ourselves. We are united by the sole, different in essence, but obligatory unperception of the all existing. Words disjoin, action unites. Riot is right. Desire of destruction is creative. Fighting group is able to advance only through combat. Party is army. Party itself must struggle. Without practice of military struggle the program points are gossips. When I hear word, my hand looks for gun. For us violence is alone way of communication with people. Bombs against machinery of oppression we throw into the mass consciousness. Their challenge is murder, our response is murder. They murder, we repay with murder. In murder their argument, in murder our refutation. Revolutionaries outlaw themselves as practically, as emotionally. They identify themselves with gangsters, robbers, people that attack society and are involved in direct plunder and destruction of strange property.

The Revolution has begun. The masses are emancipated from the issue of property, that prevailed in the capitalistic society. They steal! Authority tries to transform military situation into political one. Our duty is to transform political situation into military. Rifle gives power. Provocation is repression, and repression is revolution. We need no long-term forecasts, no tactics, no gossips about these matters. Who reads too much, that gets stupid, for enemy attacks - we withdraw, enemy lingers - we bother, enemy stops - we inflict strike, enemy retreats - we attack. It is erroneous to begin military struggle only when consent of the masses is provided. It means to deny military struggle at all, because consent to it can be obtained only because of struggle. Correctness of the organization of military struggle now depends on whether its possible. But only practice will testify about feasibility.

Shatter doggy heads! There are no innocent! When a plant has bad ventilation, one should burn apartment of manager. Act of revolutionary justice is the most humanistic act in society, divided into classes. Being a terrorist nowadays dignifies each human being of good will. All animals are equal, but some of them are even more equal from others. Toleration to traitors entails new betrayals. Man wearing uniform is pig. Firing of them is permitted. Humanism is worthless, when it isnt backed up by double preponderance in aviation and tank regiments. Pacifism isnt bad thing, when it is propagandized by conquerors. We neednt another dialectic besides dialectic of daggers and guns. We should recruit youth, which has lost hope in life, family and society.

Yankee, go home!

We want everything and at once!

Ways of the Revolution lead eastwards!

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