UNA consolidates around itself the most energetic part of the nation - the part which are inclinable to solidarity and like discipline.
UNA will ensure stability for the society when it is supported by no less than 10 per cent of the members of each social and professional group?

UNA together with the army of its partisans will put everything in order; and due to this the living standard will sharply increase; it will become possible to introduce economical reforms and the development without social conflicts.

UNA consolidates the people on the basis of national idea that first of all is meant as the idea of solidarity, mutual support and discipline.

UNA will not permit of unemployment. It is debt of honor of UNA to achieve the Ukrainian worker and peasant to live better than in other countries and to despose of the fruits of their labor.

The majority of the political forces in Ukraine now are the lobby of the western capital or dream to be such. Only UNA will support and defend national capital. When UNA comes to power its polities will be protectionism.

UNA will have built economics not to interests of International Monetary Fund but to interests of the nation. To interests of parents and children. That means social protection now and the possibility of successful competition with foreign economics for the next generation.

We shall reach that (in 5 years after UNA comes to power and stops total selling out of national property) Ukrainian enterprises will be able themselves to buy enterprises in Europe, United States and seeking cheap labor power - in Russia.

UNA will reach the commutation of tax system. The taxes will be collected not from income but from profit. Maximum tax will be equal to 30 per cent.

Ukraine will be a guarantee of stability in Eurasia. Under the power of UNA Ukraine will carry out active foreign policy including economic policy.

For this purpose UNA aims to build powerful national army and navy, to retain and primarily develop Military Industrial Complex, to develop Ukrainian Security Service and intelligence service.

UNA will reach the Ukrainian Armed Forces to have nuclear weapon henceforth. Ukraine will be a cosmic state.

UNA considers that the main means of defensive capacity increase of our armed forces is the living standard for Ukrainian servicemen and members of their families. The military officer will defend his fatherland when he has a flat in it. And UNA will give it to him.

UNA will carry out active foreign economical policy first of all at the expense orientation of export of Military Industrial Complex.

Order - does not mean powerful UNA alone, it also means powerful and well maintained order - guarding bodies.

UNA supports culture first of all by aiming to spare taxes for the business profits aimed to charitable and cultural activities.

UNA protects Ukrainian Orthodoxy and makes political conditions for the unification of Christian confessions in United Ukrainian patriarchate.

UNA will secure priority development of fundamental science, technologies and science-consuming industries.

UNA will build up the powerful state and active energetic nation.

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