Demands of UNA from the Government and President of Poland

1. President of Poland should express his own opinion concerning building of the anti-Ukrainian memorial on Ukrainian soil. In 1918, when our ancestors declared Western-Ukrainian People Republic, Polish fascists, supported by French army, organized military riot and deposed legitimate government of WUPR. Afterwards this disgraceful deed was perpetuated in Lviv on Lychakiv cemetery.

2. We demand to assess properly provocative activity of the firm Energopol (that conducts reconstructing work on cemetery) and Mr. Pshewoznik (representative of Polish government), which, notwithstanding the Ukrainian legislation and resolutions of Lviv municipal and regional authorities, engraved anti-Ukrainian and chauvinistic inscriptions on tombs of Polish occupants on Lychakiv cemetery.

3. Also, we insist on drawing to criminal responsibility representatives of Polish state in Ukraine and Polish citizens, that fan anti-Ukrainian hysteria in Polish mass media.

P.S. Mr. Kwasniewsky, how would respond Polish civil opinion, if the Ukrainians established monument of Bogdan Chmelnytskiy in Peremyshl with inscription To Defenders of Peremyshl and western borders of Ukraine. The point is that inscription on Lviv memorial has the same contents, but quite contrary aim -To Defenders of Lviv and eastern borders of Poland.

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