Aims of the International Conference

New Order in Ukraine. New Order in Europe.

Problem of Solidarity interaction and cooperation between nationalist organizations of Europe is very acute now.

In Order to resist cosmopolitan anti national forces we must unite our efforts we should realize that antinational regimes in our countries are only puppets of the World capital. Good created different races, and nations with their own mentalities and cultures. Dictator Ship of liberalism, leading to pacifism, homosexuals, Negro music, abortion etc, is crimes against Nature and God. On the eve of new millennium, struggle between. Good and Bad is getting more sharp. There fore we nationalist must join out forces and gain victory in order to confirm new order in Europe and the World.

In order to achieve mentioned above goods, next steps are necessary:

1. Creation of the Confederation of Nationalist Movements;

2. Financial cooperation;

3. Joint actions, training etc.

4. Mutual aid and exchange of experience;

5. Elaboration of New European Right Wind Ideology.

6. Definition of perspective countries, where chances for national revolution are the best and moral and financial investment info nationalistic organizations of these countries.

These points were discussed during the Conference. Detailed data will be located on web site of UNA UNSO.

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