Statement of UNA-UNSO

Finally we have gotten clear affirmation of the double standards used by the European Community. After the legal elections in Austria, conducted according to all international regulations the Party of Freedom led by Jorge Heiger obtained 30% of all votes. Occupied by Socialists and Communists European community was terrified. What didnt they attribute to Jorge Heiger and party led by him fascism, anti-Semitism etc. But, nonetheless, party coalition in parliament was formed and representatives of the Party of Liberty entered Austrian government.

UNA-UNSO congratulates Austrian people with the fact, that they had courage to make such a choice. We personally congratulate Herr Jorge Heiger and hope that he will have enough strength to continue his struggle. UNA-UNSO congratulate European Community with the fact, that finally it uncovered its real essence.

P. S. Austrian events let us conclude, that EU keeps silence, when power is taken by leftists (for instance, in Italy) and screams oneself hoarse, when right-wing radicals through elections gain authority.

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