UNA-UNSO - ten years of struggle!

On June 30, 2000 UNA-UNSO celebrated 10-th anniversary of the own existence. In Ukrainian capital Kiyv under the slogan UNA-UNSO ten years of struggle was held solemn Congress of the Movement, where over 500 delegates from 16 regions of Ukraine were present.

The Congress already is victory of the Organization, because it is alone Ukrainian party, that was founded on the eve of independence and went through all these hard years without split or decline.

During last 10 years UNA-UNSO has written own myth on the wall of History and it is undestroyable - was said on the Congress by leader of the Movement Andriy Shkil.

Its possible to imprison all our members or replace leadership but Organization will survive and National Revolution will take place! Perhaps in 10 years or in month or maybe tomorrow, because revolutions burst in the least expectable time.

UNA-UNSO is alone bright force in dull and boring Ukrainian politics, where everything new already is obsolete. One may accuse us justly or unjustly, bur its impossible to accuse us of non-doing of something. UNA-UNSO is the party of action, therefore victory will wait us.

Also some time of the Congress was spared to subtle organizational moments.

Member of the leadership Mykola Karpyuk solemnly passed greetings for the Congress from activists of the Movement, who are lucky to celebrate 10-th anniversary doing true manly work in extreme conditions.

After the finish of the Congress flowers were put near Shevchenko monument and graves of the members of UNSO, that perished in Abkhazia.

At the Congress were present honorable guests representatives of the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD) Holger Apfel and Gerd Finkenwirth. This party signed with UNA-UNSO agreement about cooperation and friendship. Holger Apfel greeted participants of the Congress and presented flag of NPD. The most acclaimed were his words that Ukrainian city in Poland Peremyshl has to belong to Ukraine. In response leader of UNA-UNSO Andriy Shkil presented for the guest flag of UNSO and affirmed, that Konigsberg (now Russian Kaliningrad) has to belong to Germany.

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