The rights of the arrested UNA-UNSO members are being violated

It was announced by a barrister Tetiana Montian and the head of UNA Political Council Eduard Kovalenko on a press conference on the 6th of September.

Tetiana Montian said that there were not proofs that civil disorders had been provoked exactly by the blamed.

The barrister also affirms that there are witnesses which prove that the fights had been planned by the regime, for many people who live near the place of fights on the 9th of March saw a lot of policemen already about 8 am, when there were no fights near Shevchenko Monument yet.

Tetiana Montian also told the journalists about the violation of the prisoners' rights to barrister's protection.

Andriy Shkil (the head of UNA-UNSO) declared that he will begin a hunger-strike on the 4th of October if the court does not sit on his case till the 3rd of October.

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