Judicial power's independence is in the ace again

A chronicle of a court-sitting of the 2nd of October about the case of the members of UNA-UNSO, the participants of the events of the 9th of March.

Tetiana Montian, several prisoners' barrister:

'From the early morning all the yard near the Court were crowded with buses and armed policemen, who were waiting for mass demonstrations. Despite the laws (the Court was sitting in an open regime), the court was fenced off, and even barristers and those who were coming to Court on their business were not admitted in. In the meantime, hundreds of people filled the court on Khreschatyk, 42, and shouted all they had to say to Kuchma and his regime.

The prisoner's angry relatives made several successful attempts to break the fence and after that they were finally let in to avoid further complications. After another police council journalists were also allowed in.

There were 16 prisoners in the cage for 8 persons; they literally sat on each other's heads. Viktor Shyshkin, the former General Prosecutor, who will protect 4 of the accused, caused a great excitement between journalists. Shyshkin directly accused the regime of ordering the case.

Volyk, the judge, appeared and asked all 'spare people' to leave the court. The 'spare people' meant journalists and relatives. The first just ignored this requirement and the second said they could only be brought out. Ivan Volyk announced a break for several minutes and went out.

He entered with passionate requests for the 'spare people' to go and finally postponed the sitting till an uncertain date.

I think the regime disrupted the sitting on purpose, for it does not know how to get out of the scrape it has started itself. The accusations against the members of UNA-UNSO are ridiculous, but the regime cannot afford losing the case. But it does not know how to win it either. My point of view is founded not on emotions but on simple analysis if the situation. Even a closed sitting is impossible in that courtroom, for it is too small for the cage with 19 accused, 7 barristers, 3 prosecutors, 2 civil plaintiffs and 71 policemen. And mind the witnesses What is more, the question of recording the sitting is not decided yet.

The accused decided to start a hunger-strike on the 5th of October, requiring not to drag out proceedings and to provide the court with a corresponding courtroom for sittings.

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