The hunger strike of UNA-UNSO prisoners was stopped on the 20th of October

Andriy Shkil had been in the Security Services hospital in a very difficult state of health from the 13t till the 19th of October.

Now his state is satisfactory, said Tetiana Montian, his barrister. Other UNSO member began to be fed after the 10th day of hunger strike. They were tied to their beds and were forced to eat. The prisoners rights are being violated, for the relatives must be informed about their state, especially if it is critical.

The hunger strike was stopped on the 20th of October. Some of the strikers demands have been satisfied, namely the case has been given to the higher court, the judge Ivan Volyk has been dismissed and a larger courtroom has been given. The question of adjusting the case to the new Criminal Code and the possibility of replacing imprisonment with the other way of prevention will be reconsidered. If the reconsideration is again dragged out, the prisoners will begin another hunger-strike.

UNA-UNSO will be accepted in the bloc of the Forum of National Salvation

Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of the bloc, declared that if UNOS wants to join the bloc, it would be gladly accepted.

Mrs. Tymoshenko said that the main oppositions aim must be a coalition of all the forces, not the fear of losing votes because of one or anothers party presence in the bloc. The leader of UNA-UNSO Andriy Shkil is the member of the FNS Council, so, if his party wants to enter the bloc too, it will not be rejected.

There had not been an official application of UNA-UNSO to enter the bloc yet, but some FNS members already express their careful doubts of the usefulness of such a joining. Mrs. Tymoshenko words proved that her letter to Viktor Yuschenko was really sincere, not a PR-action.

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